After opening multiple applications or multiple tabs in Safari you may find your Mac becomes sluggish and unresponsive. This is because your Mac does not have enough RAM to support all of those tasks to run smoothly. Adding more RAM to your Mac would be an ideal solution, but if somehow you’re not able to do that a memory management program is what you need.

FreeRAM Booster is a smart memory management program that will keep your Mac OS X from running slower and slower after been used for several hours. FreeRAM Booster works by freeing up unused physical memory allocated by system and other applications thus more RAM can be allocated to current tasks.

Getting started

The default setting should be good enough for most Mac systems, but if you want to customize the settings they are available in the Preferences window.

  • Enable RAM auto-recover service
    Enable this service to let FreeRAM Booster automatically recover unused memory from your system. By using a smart algorithm, the program will recover unused RAM when your CPU is not busy to prevent your Mac being locked during the process.

  • Freeing up RAM when current free RAM lower than X MB
    When the free RAM level is lower than the value you set for this setting, FreeRAM Booster automatically trying to recover as much as possible unused memory from your system.
    Recommended value: X=1/16 of your total RAM.

  • Freeing up X MB every Y minutes if free RAM below Z MB
    Set the program to free-up specified amount of RAM every specified minutes until the expected mount of free RAM is reached.
    Recommended value: X=50; Y=30; Z=1/8 of your total RAM.

  • Only start auto-RAM Recover if CPU usage below X%
    To prevent FreeRAM Booster slowing down current task processed by your Mac, the program only try to recover RAM when the CPU usage is below the value you set in this option.
    Recommended value: X=75.


FreeRAM Booster

Version: 2.2.1
OS: Mac OS X Lion (10.7) or above
License: Freeware*


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