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Quick Bill Tracker: Never make a late payment again
Version 1.0.1, posted on September 15, 2015

Get Quick Bill Tracker now and you will never make a late payment again. Quick Bill Tracker is an advance but easy to use tool to manage all of your house hold bills. Quick Bill Tracker automatically organise your bills as This Week, This Month, This Year, Someday, and Overdue to help you spot on current and upcoming bills quickly. read more...

Special Characters: Quickly access HTML Entities
Version 1.0.0, posted on May 21, 2015

Special Characters makes it easy for web developer to use HTML Entities. All reserved characters can be easily founded and copied into the clipboard. You can choose to copy character entities as entity name, decimal, or hex number. To make your life even easier, the program automatically record recently used character and also let you save your favourite character into the favourite section for future use. read more...

AppIcon Generator: Easily create icon for OS X, iOS, and Android applications from any image
Version 1.1.0, posted on May 03, 2015

AppIcon Generator is a simple but powerful icon generator for OS X, iOS, and Android. Unlike other icon generator applications, AppIcon Generator do more than a simple resizing job. This application lets you set shape, background colour, and add border and glossy effect to finished icon. read more...

ImageToBase64: Easily convert image to base64 string
Version 1.2.0, posted on April 06, 2015

ImageToBase64 is a tool to convert image to base64 string (CSS Image). Converting an image to base64 string is needed if you wish to embed images directly into a web page. The program is not only provide conversion to Base64 string, but also tell you how to use the string in your web project. A must have tool for every web developer! read more...

Quick CSS Gradient: The ultimate CSS gradient tools for web designers
Version 1.0.0, posted on February 21, 2015

Finding the right formula for gradient color is quite a challenge. Using Quick CSS Gradient you can visually design a complex gradient with multiple color stops easily. read more...

Quick CSS Button: Instantly create beautiful and stylish button for your web project
Version 1.5.1, posted on February 11, 2015

With improved support from major web browsers for CSS 3 and HTML 5, developer today prefer to create button using CSS and HTML than using static image. With CSS, button can easily adapt to a different size without losing any quality and will greatly reduce bandwidth usage. Creating button with CSS is pretty easy. Everyone can code it using a simple text editor, but it will be time consuming and quite a tedious work. Using Quick CSS Button, creating a button is much more fun Just a few clicks here and there than your button is ready to use. Give it a try. read more...

Quick CSS Menu: Instantly create beautiful and stylish menu for your web project
Version 1.2.0, posted on February 10, 2015

Using CSS 3 and HTML 5 today developer can easily create a beautiful drop down menu that was once only able to be achieved using java script and static background image. Menu created with CSS can be easily adapted to a different size without losing any quality and will greatly reduce bandwidth usage. Although CSS is very easy to learn and use, creating menu with CSS by hand would be very time consuming and surely a tedious work. Large number of CSS properties need to be set properly to create a beautiful menu. Using Quick CSS Menu, the process is much more fun. Just a few clicks here and there than your menu is ready to use. Give it a try. read more...

Quick CSS Sprite: Instantly create CSS Sprite for your web project
Version 1.0.0, posted on December 13, 2014

CSS sprite is a technique to combine multiple images into one big image (Sprite Sheet). Having multiple small images in your website are less efficient because each one of those images need to be called in a separate HTTP-Request. Combine them into one Sprite Sheet will reduce the HTTP-Request to only one and thus will greatly improve your web page loading time. The only drawback, using CSS Sprite technique is quite time consuming because you have to manually write CSS code for each image in order to locate its position on the Sprite Sheet. read more...

FreeRAM Booster 2: Clean, optimize, and free up memory to prevent Mac OS X running slow
Version 1.0.0, posted on October 03, 2014

After opening multiple applications or multiple tabs in Safari you may find your Mac becomes sluggish and unresponsive. This is because your Mac does not have enough RAM to support all of those tasks to run smoothly. Adding more RAM to your Mac would be an ideal solution, but if somehow you're not able to do that a memory management program is what you need. read more...

Quick Cleaner: Safely remove unnecessary files from your mac hard disk
Version 1.0.0, posted on August 30, 2014

Quick Cleaner is a smart app to help you regain wasted disk space on your Mac. This app works by scanning your home directory to find unnecessary files, Such as old caches, logs, browser data, and IOS update files. Quick Cleaner is available for free, so give it a try and find out how easy to reclaim gigabytes of wasted space from your hard disk. read more...

Disk Analyzer: Find out which Files or Folders are Taking-up the Most Space of Your Hard-disk
Version 1.0.0, posted on July 12, 2014

Disk Space Analyzer is a small app to find out who use the most part of the hard-drive (or any other drive connected to your computer) space. The app quickly analyze drives or folders to build an easy to understand tree-map of disk usage. From the tree-map you can quickly locate which folders or file types (movie files, music files, backup files, etc) are taking-up the most part of the space. read more...

Mountain Lion Secrets: Explore the secret of Mac OS X Mountain Lion
Version 1.0.0, posted on January 23, 2013

Thinking to customize your Mac OS X Mountain Lion installation but feeling intimidated by the Terminal Window. Have no worry anymore because our Mac team at TweakNow has developed special application to help you customizing and optimizing your Mac OS X Mountain Lion installation. With our Mountain Lion Secrets Application, various hidden settings on Mac OS X Mountain Lion can be accessed through a simple and user-friendly user interface without touching the Terminal at all. To give you more peace in mind, the program also includes backup feature that can be used to revert any change you previously made with the program. read more...