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TweakNow WinSecret Plus! for Windows 11 and 10

All-in-one app to help you to improve your Windows 11 and 10 performance.

Price: $10.99

WinPowerpack for Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft Store edition of TweakNow WinSecret Plus!

Price: $10.99

Quick Duplicate Finder

The intelligent solution for locating duplicate files.

Price: $4.99

QR Code Maker

Create QR Code for text, link, email, Whatsapp, SMS, Call, Business Card, and Wifi.

Price: $0.99

TweakNow WinSecret

Safely and quickly change Windows 11 and 10 hidden settings.


TweakNow RegCleaner

The fastest and the most reliable registry cleaner program available today.


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