How to Do an Emergency Restart in Windows 11

June 22, 2003

This Emergency feature had been around since Windows NT 3.1 in 1993, but because it has not been documented, not many people know about its existence.

So, what it is?

Basically, it is your last hope to restart Windows safely when nothing else is working. When we say safely, it means that this feature should not break your Windows, but since no data is saved during the process it may corrupt any opening applications.

What is the purpose of Emergency Restart?

As stated in the name, you should use it in an emergency only. When apps crash badly, and you cannot do any normal restart procedures then doing emergency restart will be your last option. You can say that this method is a bit better than unplugging the computer power. It might corrupt opening apps, but at least it should keep Windows intact.

How to activate the Emergency Restart?

Step 1

Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete shortcut to open the Ctrl + Alt + Delete screen.

Step 2

While pressing and holding the Ctrl key, click the Power button on the right bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Click OK to do emergency restart.

News source: Windows Central