KDE neon 6.0 Visual Tour

July 09, 2024

KDE neon is a Linux distribution built on top of the latest Ubuntu LTS release (22.04 at the moment) that showcases KDE software exactly as the KDE developers intended it, with no patches and no changes to default settings. KDE neon is intended for those who want to experience the latest and greatest KDE software as quickly as possible. Though KDE developers endeavor to minimize bugs and maximize stability, using the latest software the moment it’s released will inevitably result in a less stable experience compared to distros that delay software by days, weeks, or months. As such, the ideal KDE neon user is someone excited to use the latest and greatest KDE software who can tolerate some little bumps in the road, not someone with mission-critical reliability needs.

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Boot Screen
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Login Screen
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Welcome to KDE Desktop
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Start Menu
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System Settings
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Software Manager
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File Manager
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Video Player
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Info Center
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System Monitor

Here are some notable features of KDE neon 6.0:

  • Latest KDE Software: KDE neon delivers cutting-edge versions of KDE Plasma, applications, and libraries. If you’re passionate about the KDE ecosystem, this is your go-to for bleeding-edge updates.
  • Stability: Despite its up-to-date nature, KDE neon builds upon Ubuntu LTS releases, providing a solid and stable base for your desktop environment.

To learn more about KDE neon, simply visit their official website at: https://neon.kde.org/.

If you’re interested in trying out KDE Neon, you can download it from the following: