Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS Visual Tour

July 10, 2024

Pop!_OS is an open-source Linux distribution developed by System76, an American computer manufacturer. It features a customized GNOME desktop environment called COSMIC, designed for efficient navigation, workspace organization, and productivity. Being based on Ubuntu, Pop!_OS inherits stability and an extensive software ecosystem. It's reliable for daily tasks, development, and creative work. Plus, the NVIDIA version includes proprietary drivers for optimal performance.

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Login Screen
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Welcome to COSMIC Desktop
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COSMIC Launcher
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Show Installed Applications
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File Manager
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COSMIC Settings
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Software Manager
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System Updates
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Work Spaces

Here are some notable features of Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS:

  • COSMIC Desktop Environment: Pop!_OS offers a customized GNOME desktop environment known as COSMIC, featuring auto-tiling, which automatically arranges windows for optimal use of screen space.
  • NVIDIA Optimizations: Pop!_OS provides an NVIDIA version that includes proprietary drivers out of the box. This makes it easier to set up your NVIDIA graphics card for optimal performance in games.
  • Performance and Stability: Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu LTS, which means it benefits from Ubuntu’s stability and extensive software ecosystem. You’ll find a wide range of apps available through the Ubuntu repositories.

To learn more about Pop!_OS, simply visit their official website at: https://pop.system76.com/.

If you’re interested in trying out Pop!_OS, you can download it from the following:

Standard Version


NVDIA Version