WinPowerpack for Windows 11 and 10

"An all-in-one app that helps users with daily tasks"

Latest Version: 5.2.2

Supported OS: Windows 11 and 10

Price:  $10.99

*Upgrade to future versions is free

Note: WinPowerpack is a Microsoft Store edition of TweakNow WinSecret Plus!. However, due to some restrictions in accessing Windows System API for Microsoft Store apps, the Windows Secret, Registry Cleaner, and Smart Shortcut modules are not available in WinPowerpack.

WinPowerpack for Windows 11 and 10 Features:

Windows Icon Extractor

(New in version 4.7.0)

Extract Icons from Windows libraries and exe files.

WinIcon Generator

(New in version 4.6.0)

Create Windows Icon from Any PNG or JPG Image.

QR Code Creator

(New in version 4.4.0)

Create QR Code for text, link, email, Whatsapp, SMS, Call, Wifi.

Bulk Image Converter

(New in version 4.3.0)

Convert multiple images to another format (jpg, png, tiff, or webp).

Convert multiple images into single PDF file.

Auto Dark Mode

Automatically change app and system theme mode to light or dark

Auto Wallpaper Changer

Updates your background every day or hour with beautiful images from Bing or NASA

Find Duplicate

Find and remove duplicate files

Folder Size Analyzer

Figure out which files or folders who taking up your hard drive space

My Tray Icon

Special tray icon that helps you quickly access Windows settings

Process Manager

View detail information about all running processes and change priority level for specified process

Secure Delete

Completely and securely delete sensitive file from your hard drive

Shortcut Keys

Create keyboard shortcuts for quickly opening apps, folder, or websites

System Information

Show detail information about your system

Track Cleaner

Protect your privacy by eliminating traces of your digital activities

Transparent Taskbar

Make your Windows Taskbar completely transparent


Fix problem with Internet connection, icon, thumbnail, and Microsoft Store