TweakNow WinSecret for Windows 11

"Safely and easily explore Windows 11 hidden settings."

Latest Version: 1.9.0

Supported OS: Windows 11

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Plus! version vs Free Version

Plus! version Free Version
Windows Secret Module Yes (Enhanced edition) Yes (Standard edition)
Miscellaneous Tools Module
1. Auto Dark Mode
2. Transparent Taskbar
3. Wallpaper Changer new
4. Rebuild DNS Cache
5. Rebuild Icon Cache
6. Rebuild Thumbnail Cache
7. Rebuild Microsoft Store Cache
Yes No
Folder Size Analyzer Module Yes No
Find Duplicate Module Yes No
Secure Delete Module Yes No
System Information Module Yes No
Price $5.99 (Special introductory price)
Free upgrade to all future versions of TweakNow WinSecret Plus!

Upgrade to the Plus! version

Only $5.99 (Special introductory price)

Improve Your Windows 11 Experience

As a long time Windows user you might have heard about registry. The registry is a special file in your hard disk that hold most of Windows settings data.

Wish to Windows taskbar to the top or change the taskbar size? No problem, those tasks can easily be done by simply editing the registry value. Unfortunately registry is not a friendly place for most people.

Changing a wrong value in the registry may cause an unpredictable problem to your Windows. This is why novice users should not edit registry value directly using a registry editor by them self.

In TweakNow WinSecret, we have gathered the most popular Windows 11 registry settings and provide them for you in an easy and safe user interface.

Key features

  • Move taskbar to the top
  • Change taskbar size
  • Use Windows 10 context menu style
  • Change app switch behaviour
  • Make taksbar transparent
  • Use File Explorer old toolbar style
  • Enable or disable personalised ads using advertising ID
  • Show accent color on title bars and windows borders
  • Change menu show delay value
  • And much more ......

New in version 1.9:

  • Display notification area icons in one or two rows. (Taskbar)
  • Show or hide the Task Manager Option from the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen. (System)

New in version 1.8:

  • Prevent users from changing the Lock Screen Background (System)
  • Show or hide Quick access from the navigation pane (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide OneDrive from the navigation pane (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide Network from the navigation pane (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide Desktop folder from This PC section (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide Documents folder from This PC section (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide Downloads folder from This PC section (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide Music folder from This PC section (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide Pictures folder from This PC section (File Explorer)
  • Show or hide Videos folder from This PC section (File Explorer)

New in version 1.7:

  • Reset screenshot counter index
  • Change the location where Windows save a new screenshot

New in version 1.6:

  • Change computer support Information
  • Change computer model information
  • Change registered owner information

New in version 1.5:

  • Enable or disable game mode features
  • Change Taskbar Thumbnail Previews delay value
  • Show folder name or full folder path on the File Explorer title bar

New in version 1.4:

  • Enable a new boot screen animation
  • Show file extension in File Explorer
  • Show hidden files, folders and drives in File Explorer

New in version 1.3:

  • Enable verbose status messages
  • Disable lock screen
  • Increase icon cache size

New in version 1.2:

  • Show login message
  • Change hung app time-out value
  • Change wait to kill time-out value
  • Change Wait to kill service time-out value
  • Change telemetry and data collection settings